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Author Topic: [SUG] Way to message support staff  (Read 1303 times)


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« October 31, 2012, 07:55:18 PM » #5148
Can we get some kind of message system for like an on-call support person? Slope is currently broken and no one appears to be online to fix it. If we had some special account we could add to like our steam friends list, or some specific forum account to message that was monitored 24/7 it would be very nice.

That is all!
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« November 05, 2012, 01:31:17 PM » #5266
In some circumstances, root access to the server would be required to change the map for excample when the MySQL databases timeout and the server forgets who belongs in each server group. However, we hope to have something like this is in the future which would make it easier.

For now, posting on the forum would be your best bet then someone such as myself would jump on it and read it :)

Edit: This was posted six days ago? O.O It can up on my recent threads.

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