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Author Topic: Tutorial - How to get a thumbnail of an item  (Read 5867 times)

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« December 26, 2012, 10:55:54 AM » #6351
Recently, I have noticed that it is no longer possible to click the item in your inventory and be given its item code (I don't know if this only happens to me, but I thought it might not so I decided to help), so I devised a simple way (that I assume other people must already know) of retrieving the item code manually.


Step 1. Click the small chest symbol under your avatar on your "Profile" page (or by your post on a topic) to open up your inventory.
----- Click here for visual help! -----

Step 2. Make sure you have the item you're looking for!
----- Click here for visual help! -----

Step 3. Right click the background of the page and click "View Page Source".
----- Click here for visual help! -----
----- Click here for visual help! -----

Step 4. Use Ctrl+F and search for the name of the item you are looking for (e.g, Chapeau).
----- Click here for visual help! -----

Step 5. To locate the correct item, read the second line of the item's source coding. It will state the description of the item, including any paint, rare effects and magical stat attributes it has. It is also possible to look at its item code (if you understand what it means). It should look something like "{"u":32,"p":3,"i":"charme"}". The "p" means that the item is painted, and the "u" means that it is rare. In this case, the "p":3 means it is painted Red Fire, and the "u":32 means that it has Orbiting Jack O'Lantern.
----- Click here for visual help! -----

Step 6. Copy the item code of the correct item. To then put it in a forum post, just use:
Code: [Select]
[item]-ITEM CODE HERE-[/item]It will show an interactive thumbnail of the item.
----- Click here for visual help! -----

And presto!


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« December 26, 2012, 03:38:15 PM » #6353
Thanks for this guide, I have stickied it in this forum this people to refer in to in future.


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« July 17, 2014, 04:29:01 PM » #11766
Edit....... The preview will not show your item. This should be said at the end ._.

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