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Author Topic: PPK - Resurrection  (Read 2518 times)


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« February 29, 2012, 02:09:01 PM » #1134
I heard this song on an online radio statio which I listen to and realyl liked it, the only troule was I forgot to note down the name of who it was by and the name of the song. As well as this, several days had passed and I allI knew was..
  • It was by a band/DJ with only three letters in there name
  • It was a song which contains beeping
  • I had a strong feeling of there being a "P" in it.

After spending an hour or so looking through my mIRC chat logs, I managed to find what I was looking for.

Finding one line of text in a log of a busy chat room which started logging about 5 months ago was very hard.

What do you think of it?

(If you listen to the long version, I recomend skipping to 1:00)

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