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Author Topic: Not getting my gold bars  (Read 3627 times)


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« February 10, 2016, 12:05:04 AM » #14476
I have recently donated to get coral in the perks it says i get four gold bars i didnt recive all of them and i only got one can someone help me?


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« February 10, 2016, 12:22:31 AM » #14477
You were Diamond before you donated. You upgraded to Coral which means that you have the Coral benefits along with all the previous ones (Diamond,Gold,Silver). The Gold bars are Cumulative, which means that you are getting the ones from previous ranks when you are NOT a donor going to that rank. When you ARE a donor (In your case Diamond) you have already received the gold bars previous (You were Diamond so you had received two when you had donated for Diamond). Coral comes with 1 Gold Bar as part of the package so you received 1 Gold Bar.

In short, you got the correct amount of Gold Bars.

ALSO its 3 gold bars when you donate from silver or lower to coral. (You however were Diamond)

Coral Member - $20
All of the Diamond Member benefits
Access to the Tome of Wisdom
10 extra item-drops per day (18 total)
110% more currency earned
100% more votes during mapvote
10% increased rare, magic and painted chance
Extended inventory space (6 pages / 90 items)
Special coral tag in chatbox and on scoreboard ()
3 gold bars for use in the Premium Shop (worth $15)
1 Rare Bundle of Random Chat Tags
1 Small Booster Pack: 100% Rare Find that lasts 1 hour
1 Small Booster Pack: 100% Magic Find that lasts 1 hour
x3 x2

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