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Puzzles / Map 16 has no bugs
« on: September 12, 2014, 12:33:54 AM »
Hey guys, I heard that admins have been noclipping to finish Puzzles 11 and 12 or changing the map on Map 16.

Puzzles 11 and 12 are actually possible to do.

I have a video of me doing Puzzle 12. It's a bit long and I messed up a couple times but you don't need to watch the entire thing. The point is that I was able to finish the puzzle.


Puzzle 11 is a bit difficult to do with lag so I couldn't record myself doing it, but here's a screenshot of the server saying the puzzle was completed by me.

AFAIK, the only puzzle that can't be finished due to a bug is the rollermine puzzle in Map 14. If you think there are any other broken puzzles feel free to post in this thread and I'll confirm it.

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