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Author Topic: Revival of Token + Money Rewards from Quest  (Read 1421 times)


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« July 30, 2015, 05:51:27 AM » #14055
Even though this update happened a while ago and I haven't heard any discussions from other players who do Quests, but I feel like there should be a revival of getting not only the item reward,  but also tokens + money back from completing quest as it was before. I can say that it'll probably give more interest into doing quests instead of shying away from doing quests. Before the update, I felt like quests was a lot easier with much greater reward, and now it's a lot harder(which can be a good thing) with much less reward. Getting tokens and money with the quest reward would give more people edge to come back and keep doing quests(however that's my opinion). I was also curious on why they were taken out of the quest rewards for the new update if that can be elaborated on. Thanks!

- Logan


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« July 30, 2015, 07:11:36 AM » #14056
They were removed so that I could balance quests and increase the amount of quest points you get. This also allows me to do something with the currency (Cindi's hourly fee is currently 250 quest points, but I think I may need to decrease it).

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