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Author Topic: emote ban appeal  (Read 657 times)


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Name: Downs
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Reason: Hello folks, sorry for coming back here. But here is the reason: I had a friend coming over, and I had to show him these funny servers of yours. I also showed him the emotes, which he found hysterical with my high pitch. But I did forget to tell him about the restrictions not to over use them, so I left the PC to get us some refreshments, and here I am... This is a couple of weeks ago, and I first thought: aah screw it, I do not need these emotes. But after some time now, I get more and more irritated about that I can't say "no" or "yeah" in the chat when simply answering people. It is my fault, forgetting to tell my friend. So I am sorry for asking (again) if you could please unban my emote ban?
Other(optional): For your effort, I will come with another random fact: A chocolate contains on average eight insect legs.


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