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Author Topic: oppressed black man mapper application  (Read 9215 times)


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« July 26, 2015, 07:40:57 AM » #13956
In-Game Name: oppressed black man

Projects: some shitty deathrun maps a shitty zm map and an unfinished ttt map

Portfolio/Images of previous maps or current maps you are working on:
deathrun& zm here: http://gamebanana.com/members/496920

(Optional) Your personal favorite image of a map you have made:
screenshots from my unfinished ttt map that i lost the vmf for

(Optional) Link to maps you have made:check the fpsbanana for zm and deathrun

Other reasons why you should be a map developer for MoronYard:
i enjoy mapping but i need an actual goal/idea for the map, otherwise i never end up finishing the map. earlier maps look pretty poor, but if the map needs to be pretty i can spruce it up

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