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Trading is the act of exchanging items with another player. Trading has many uses in MoronYard. For example, you can use your hard earned money to buy your way to owning the most valuable of items - who doesn't want to own a lovely tier 1 rare item?

A lot of the gameplay on the MoronYard servers revolves around collecting items, and having the best items. In order to be this, you are going to need to learn how to use the crafting system - it will be very helpful to you.

How to trade

1) You can open the trading menu by typing /trade' then selecting "Invite Players" and then finally selecting the users name or Hold Tab, Right Click on the Players Name and Select "Trade".

2) The chosen person will then be sent an invitation about your trade request and will be given the option to accept or decline it, They can type "/accept" to accept the trade offer, or "/reject" to decline the trade offer. Another way of doing this is to hold "Shift" (your sprint key) to open the Quickbar, Then you can move your mouse left or right to accept or decline the trade offer. The Quickbar only works on Smash, Climb, Lobby and BTTT.

3) Once the trade window has opened, you will need to click the item you want to trade, then click the green arrow to add it to the trade window. You can remove items by clicking the item and pressing the red arrow. If you would rather do it a different way, you can also double click the items to add/remove them.

4) Finally, when you have both agreed on the trade you should click the red checkbox next to your items, and then press 'ready'. When both players have done this, the trade will end and your items would have changed places.


- You can click here to find a price list for items. Please note, it may not be 100% accurate but it should help you with the general price of an item!

- If someone offers you a trade, you will be able to type "/accept" to accept it, or "/reject" to decline it or equally you can hold the "Shift Key" to open the Quickbar and either move your mouse to the left or right to Decline or Accept the offer. Although the you cannot access the Quickbar on Puzzles, Slope or Murder. M - BE CAREFUL! We try to keep an eye on things and keep the community friendly, but there will always be a few players out there that only care about themselves. If you are unsure as to whether a trade is fair or not, consult a member of staff. If you cannot find a member of staff, consult several other players. If you feel you have been scammed in a trade, please report the player on the forums here. Try to provide evidence, and please use the correct template.