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Socketed items are items which allow gems or jewels to be inserted into them. They are recognisable by having an 'Open Sockets (#)' attribute when you hover your mouse on them. An item can have a maximum of five sockets.

When a gem or jewel is inserted into an item, the number of open sockets decreases by one, while simulataneously inheriting all of the gem or jewel's attributes. The gem or jewel is destroyed in the process.

How to insert a Jewel

1. Firstly, you need to type /craft to open the crafting table.

2. You need to put the following in to the crafting table, by clicking on each item and then the small arrow. You need to add the socketed item, the jewel and a crafting catalyst.

3. Press craft! You will then lose the jewel, and one of the sockets on your item, but in exchange it will have a nice attiribute.


- If you don't understand the basics of crafting, please click here

- A crafting catalyst can be purchased from the 'Special' section of the shop.

- As of the Winter 2012 event, some Smash tools/weapons may now have sockets, allowing them to be improved by the addition of jewels.