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Sanctuary is a gamemode being developed by nonSENSE where players must work together to survive a zombie apocalypse. There's a twist, though. In this gamemode, players must survive in 2D.

How To Play

To start playing, you must open your bundle of stater items to gain a weapon or purchase one with tokens from the token shop. Once you have a weapon, you can join one of the servers through the lobby.

To equip your first weapon, head over to the weapon stash, click your weapon, and click the "Equip Weapon" button.

Once you have equipped your weapons and the setup period has ended, enemies will begin to spawn. It is your job to protect the barricade and survive as long as possible. At wave 32 the final boss will spawn defeat this boss to get cool loot and unlock the next difficulty.

When a player dies, they have a certain amount of time until they respawn. This time is dependent on the wave you are on. The game will end when all players are dead.


Zombies are the basic type of enemies.

Poison Zombies are a bit slower than normal zombies, but take more damage.

Chemical Zombies are explosively exciting. This type of zombie will blow up when it reaches a player or the barricade. As long as the players are standing behind the barricade when it blows up, only the barricade will take damage. As soon as the barricade is gone, this type of zombie becomes much more difficult.

Skeleton Warriors move quickly and can dish out tons of damage.

Skeleton Archers are ranged skeletons that can kill quickly if players don't stop their channeling fast enough. As soon as skeleton archers are within range of a player, they will begin channeling their shot. If they finish channeling, they will fire off a powerful shot. It is best to use melee against this type of enemy to stop their channeling.


Every time an enemy is killed, there is a chance that it will drop loot. However, bosses have 100% chance to drop loot when killed.

Loot consists of weapons, runes, gems, scrolls, money, key fragments, lockpicks, and keys. All of the loot on the ground will be removed at the end of every boss round.


Primary Weapons are the weapons that deal the most damage, and are the ones that will allow you to survive for more than a few waves. These can be found in later waves along with the other weapon types. Primary weapons consist of sub machine guns, assault rifles, and shot guns.

Secondary Weapons consist of pistols. These are obtained from mid-game loot.

Melee Weapons are the first kind of weapons you will get. These can either be be bought from the token shop or found during any wave in the game.

Pure Weapons are any kind of weapon that has 2 or more sockets with no additional affixes. If runes are added to these in the correct amount and order, they will create rune words.

Epic Weapons are weapons that have a chance of getting 2 affixes and 0-4 sockets.

The Barricade

The barricade is an essential part to the players' survival. It will start out with partial health out of 1000. This can easily be fixed if a player has the wrench melee weapon.

The barricade will take damage when enemies reach it. Once it reaches 0/1000 health, it is gone for good, so it's your job to keep it repaired for as long as possible. As long as it is up, surviving waves of chemical zombies is a piece of cake.

If players exit the barricade, they will be given the "Rot" debuff. This causes the player to be slowed and take double damage from enemies.