Mysterious Chest C

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Mysterious Chest C
Mysterious Chest C
Series C - Contains a random item!
Item Stats
Type Chest
Description Series C - Contains a random item!
Quality Common
Craftable Yes
Tradable Yes
Randomly Drops Yes
Item Code mchest3

The Mysterious Chest is a Chest with a very low drop rate. Mines unboxed have a chance of becoming a Relic Mine or having Styles

Chest Contents

Bleed Mine
Smash Weapon
After triggering this mine, the victim will take damage while moving for 6 seconds.
Drill Mine
Smash Weapon
When attached to a surface, this mine will slowly start to drill and damage it until it eventually collapses!
Healing Mine
Smash Weapon
This mine will heal the player for 4-8 health points every 5 seconds.
Flashbang Mine
Smash Weapon
When activated, this mine will blind all players in a 600 unit radius for several seconds.
Puppet Mine
Smash Weapon
If a player steps on this mine, the owner of the mine will have control over the victims movement for 5 seconds.
Bleed Mine Drill Mine Healing Mine Flashbang Mine Puppet Mine
Repulsion Mine
Smash Weapon
This mine will send players flying when stepped on. Use it to surprise enemies or to escape a tight spot.
Reversal Mine
Smash Weapon
Anybody who is unfortunate enough to step on this mine will have their controls reversed for 3-5 seconds.
Stun Mine
Smash Weapon
Any player who steps on this mine will be stunned and frozen in place for 1-2 seconds.
Magic Dust
Combine with an item to add an effect to it!
Blank Paint Can
Paint Can
Combine this item with a crafting material to craft any of the other paint cans. Before crafting, please make sure that the item you want to paint supports the crafted color. More info on the wiki!
Repulsion Mine Reversal Mine Stun Mine Magic Dust Blank Paint Can