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A lobby room for chatting. Contains 4 areas. VIP area, Staff only, Chill zone, and the main lobby.


This gamemode is based on speed, physics, and reaction time. You start at the base of a hill with several other players. The objective is to race the other players to the top of the hill.

Props big and small begin to fall from the sky. They tumble down the hill and make their way towards you. Now comes the fun part, you get to dodge them. You weave in and out of the props, trying to stay alive. The first one to reach the top is rewarded, but everyone else is too! It all depends on how far you can get up that pesky hill. Slope has several maps which are on the server, they include:

Combine (Slope)

Removed maps.



This gamemode features a unique Player vs. Player experience. Instead of a battle of force, it's a battle of reaction time, speed, and physics. Every map is unique and has it's own challenges. The objective is to be the last man standing.

As each round begins "Demonic" Boxes are fired from cannons. Which may not be the best thing, as you have found yourself standing on an unstable platform. You run around frantically in an attempt to not be crushed or take the long fall to your death. You must make your way, amidst the chaos, across the platforms in an attempt to find the safest area. Either you find it, or you end up dead.

The last one to take the fall wins! His or her prize is cash. The amount of money that is recieved is dependent on how many players are on. Typically this number is in the 8,000 - 16,000 Cash range. A new round begins, and it brings with it a new set of challenges. Smash has several active maps which are on the server, they include:

Combine (Smash)


This gamemode consists of two teams with the main objective of eliminating the rival team. Each team member will be given an airblaster to push rockets. Your reaction time will be tested as you will need to shoot back any approaching rockets to avoid being hurt. The last team left alive will be the winner.

It begins with all players being split into 2 teams, each team has their own area. After a short period of time the round starts and a rocket is fired from each of the teams areas. The rocket fired is aimed at one of the players on the enemy team, for example the rocket fired from the blue area is targetted at a player on the red team.

When the rocket approches you/other members of your team you should right click with the blaster to airblast the rocket towards the other team. Each blast will increase the speed of the rocket and in the end, someone will not have a quick enough reaction time to airblast the rocket. When this happens it will impact the player and explode, once you die you will have to wait for the next round. Dodgeball has several maps which are on the server, they include:




The Owners run and maintain the community. MoronYard is owned by nonSENSE and Stebbzor. They are both at an equal position when it comes to ownership and are both expected to code and help out as much as possible.

Super Administrators

The Super Administrators manage the staff alongside the Owners, their main job is to elect Moderators and promote them to Administrators. Currently, UnknownX and Bing :3 are Super Administrators.


The Administrators are the same as high level Moderators, they work with the other Moderators and Owners to ensure the servers are running smoothly and are staying popular. They assist with bugs and have slightly more power than the average Moderator. Currently, Willdy, Sonic5039, and cosco24 are Administrators.


The Moderators work solely on the server to ensure there is no problems, and that everything is running as it should. It is also their job to promote and advertise the server. One of the main roles of a Moderator is to assist players with problems, and get rid of those who are seen as a problem. Currently Snowi, jetuser and Vincentvalentine Jr are Moderators.

Other Staff

There is several other slightly less profile people in the community who still have a major impact on how it operates. Jaythorpe is one of the MoronYard developers, his main role is to create maps for the community, and to make sure everyone is happy with the changes made to his maps. AIR is another developer who specializes in creating graphics and auras.



Smash - Stebbzor and nonSENSE.

Slope - Stebbzor

Dodgeball - nonSENSE

Build to the top - nonSENSE & Stebbzor

Puzzles - Banhfun, Stebbzor & nonSENSE

Sanctuary - nonSENSE

Lobby - Stebbzor & nonSENSE