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The Madness Event was an event held on the server in Summer 2013. It added lots of new items to the game, such as Mythical Chest, Mythical Key, Blueprint, Crafting Hammer, Scrap Metal and Gems. It also added a large amount of new hats, body and auras into the game.

These new hats and bodys could be found "broken" inside of a Mythical Chest, and could be repaired to make "Mythical" items. Only the new hats and bodys could be found broken.

Mythical items are affected by Multiplier Madness, and their stats are temporarily boosted!

Chipped, Flawed, Normal, Flawless and Perfect Gems where released. The "Perfect" versions of these had slightly higher stats that the previous Jewels. Chipped Gems could be found in item drops and in inside a Mythical Chest.

Related Items

Mythical Key
Opens the Mythical Chest. Disappears after the Madness Event.
Mythical Chest
This chest contains broken items as well as special crafting materials. Disappears after the Madness Event.
Mythical Key Mythical Chest

Update history

Multiplier Madness Event, Summer 2013

  • The Multiplier Madness Event was added to the game.