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Locked Crate
Locked Crate
Contains a random item.
Item Stats
Type Chest
Description Contains a random item.
Quality Common
Craftable Yes
Rare counterpart No
Drop chance Unknown
Loot table 2
Item Code crate(series#)

The Locked Crate is a Chest that when crafted it is Series 1-8. Each Series holds different items. Every crate contains 5-6 hats, 1-2 body attachments, 1-2 weapons and 0-2 auras. Locked Crates took the crafting recipe and the place of Locked Chests as a random drop.


  • Crafted with Chestfragments A,B,C,D together.
  • Drops
  • Tradable

Update history


  • The Locked Crate was added to the game.