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Item Qualities are modifiers that can change an item. Some qualities don't show up in the names of items and are simply there to categorize.


Can be inserted into socketed items.
Can be inserted into socketed items.
Can be inserted into socketed items.

This quality is only found on Ancient Gems. Ancients gems can only be found if the player is wearing an item with the attribute "Ability to find Ancient Gems" that can be found on Relic Jewels, or has used an Ancient Gem Booster Pack. Ancient gems cannot be upgraded with scrolls.


Broken Stainless Pot Hat
Are you going to boil your head?! To repair this item, you need these ingredients: 1 x Blueprint 1 x Wooden Fragment (A) 1 x Wooden Fragment (D)  
Broken Medic Mask
Keeps all the nasty germs away. To repair this item, you need these ingredients: 1 x Crafting Hammer 2 x Wooden Fragment (C)  
Broken Flame Fists
Hot as hell. To repair this item, you need these ingredients: 1 x Chipped Ruby 1 x Wooden Fragment (A) 1 x Scrap Metal 1 x Wooden Fragment (B)  

This subquality adds the prefix Broken and can be found from uncrating items and requires Recipe: Repair Item or 2 to 4 Materials excluding or including Gems to repair. After being repaired, the item will lose the Broken subquality and gain the Mythical subquality.


Bundle of Keys
When used, this item will turn into 12 x Keys!
Bundle of Series 1 Chests
When used, this will turn into 10 x Hat Chests and 10 x Keys!
Bundle of Smash Tools
This pack contains the new Smash Tools: Comes with 1 x Force Staff and 1 x Winged Boots!

This quality is assigned to items that can be opened to yield more items. It has no effect on the item itself and cannot be on anything besides Keys and Chests.


Birthday Hat
Tiny hat for tiny brain.
Hotdog Hat
Comes with complimentary mustard.
Max's Head
Cute ears you got there!

The Collector quality is applied when an item is combined with a Collectors Stone. These kinds of items can be leveled up and can have more than one Rare Effect. More information on Collector Items can be found here.


Locked Crate
Series 10
Baseball Cap
Chemical Aura
Look like a chem, fool everybody!

If an item doesn't have any other qualities then it is considered a common item. It has no effect on the item itself.


Community Puppet Mine
Smash Weapon
If a player steps on this mine, the owner of the mine will have control over the victims movement for 5 seconds. Made by Jaythorpe
Community Dragonborn Helmet
Fus Ro Dah! Made by Shiny_Smile & Fatal Bear Effect: Sparkle  
Community Scrap Pack
If only it had batteries... Made by Death the Wolf Effect: Sparkle  

These items are unique and are awarded to those who create the item. It adds the prefix Community to the item and it has the Sparkle Effect, unless it is an Aura or Mine. The creator's name is also put in the description. Normally only one of these exist for each Hat, Body Attachment, Aura and Mine.


Sanctuary Weapon
War Axe
Sanctuary Weapon
Ahn Rune
Can be inserted into Sanctuary Weapons.
+15% Increased Attack Speed

This quality can be found on Sanctuary weapons and Runes. Weapons with this quality will have above average stats which can help in completing Sanctuary rounds.


Circle of Gas
Awarded to those who were here when it all started...
Smoker's Pleasure
Smoking kills! Effect: Cigarette Smoke  
Mapper's Medal
Given to those who contribute greatly to the community.

This quality is only on limited time items from events, such as the Voodoo Juju Hat, or on premium items, such as the Tools from the Bundle of Smash Tools. It adds the prefix Legendary ingame, but the Rare quality can override it.


Abundant Jewel of Compassion
Can be inserted into socketed items. +3 Extra Items per Day +3 Extra Items per Day  
Rare Winning Team Captain of Advantage
Aye captain! +20% Better Chance of Getting Rare Item +25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item Open Sockets (3) Effect: Orbiting Dark Fire Paint: Midnight Black  
A whaler's nightmare... Open Sockets (1)  

This subquality can be paired up with other qualities and adds a prefix and/or suffix to an item. These items have Attributes that can be very helpful. This subquality overrides the Painted subquality's prefix, but the item will still be painted. It can be on Hats, Body Attachments, Auras, and Gems and Jewels.

See Attributes for information on prefixes and suffixes and what they do.


Winning Split Love of Activity
A half-hearted skull... +17% Better Chance of Getting Rare Item +9 Increased Movespeed  
Mythical Chest
This chest contains broken items as well as special crafting materials. Disappears after the Madness Event.
Mythical Key
Opens the Mythical Chest. Disappears after the Madness Event.

This subquality is on any items that are broken and need to be repaired. These items always have higher than average prefix and suffix Attributes and a chance for sockets. On occasion, Multiplier Madness will occur and increase the stats on these items by a percentage for 60 seconds. This does not apply to the Extra Items per Day stat.


Would go great with the Killer's Kabuto... Paint: Orange Red  
Bill's Hat
Goddamnit! Paint: Laser Lemon  
Hunter's Headband
Drenched in pee-pee. Enjoy! Paint: Purple Pizzazz  

This subquality will change the color of specific parts of a Hat or Body Attachment. Currently there are 16 different colors: Beaver Brown, Purple Pizzazz, Midnight Black, Denim, Blizzard Blue, Orange Red, Red Fire, Laser Lemon, Ultra Green, Carribean Green, Tasty Rainbow, Sunny Orange, Marble White, Mystic Indigo and Solemn Greyscale. Only Hats and Body Attachments can be painted. See Paints for a list of the possible painted variations of each item.

NOTE: Some Hats and Body Attachments don't have painted variants yet.


Sanctuary Weapon
War Axe
Sanctuary Weapon
Five Seven
Sanctuary Weapon

This quality is found on Pure Sanctuary weapons. It allows you to create Runewords on a weapons. This quality will always give the item at least 1 socket


Rare Green Vortex
Rare Shutter Shades
Your retinas will loathe you. Effect: Ghosts Paint: Denim  
Rare Lumberjack Hat
Choppin' wood! Effect: Storm  

This quality will add a random Effect to the Hat or Body Attachment it is on and it adds the prefix Rare. There is a 2.22% chance for an item to be a rare. It can be on almost everything, but it has no visual effect on anything other than Hats and Body Attachments.

See Effect Tiers for all of the possible effects and their tiers.


Put me down!
Hat Relic
Are you still there? +50 HP regenerated every 5 seconds +80% Better Chance of Getting Rare Item +25% Extra Cash Earned -500 Increased Movespeed Effect: Notes Paint: Carribean Green  
Gem Relic
Can be inserted into socketed items. Ability to Find Ancient Gems +15 Increased Movespeed +15% Higher Drop Rate for Keys +10% Higher Drop Rate for Fragments -10 Maximum Health  
Navi's Wingless Friends
Aura Relic
Round and round... +17 Increased Movespeed +15% Better Chance of Getting Rare Item +10% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item Open Sockets (3) -8 Maximum Health  

This quality has 3 to 5 Attributes that are always the same type, but not the same power. It can only appear on specific items.

See Relics for more information.


Bill's Hat
Grab a friend and practice shooting apples off their head!
Villains Veil
Acquiring this item is the first step to becoming a true villain!

The Simple quality is found on items purchased from the Shop. Items with this quality cannot be used to level up Collector Items.


Gold Bar
A very valuable item... Thank you for your support!
Summer Chest
This chest contains various items, including relics, jewels and rare / painted / magic items. This chest will disappear after the Summer Event!
Enchanted Artifact
A rare crafting material.

This quality does nothing to the items and is used on items which behave differently or Materials that are only available for a limited time.


Blighted Beak
Protecting you from disease... in style. Style: Vibrio Cholerae  
Necromancer's Mask
One step away from reviving the dead! Style: Camouflage  
Top Hat
Quite so, sir. Style: Poor and Irish  

This Quality will give an item a different look than the regular appearance. Only certain items are able to have Styles, however Smash Mines are all able to have styles, excluding the Inferno Mine. More information on Mine Styles can be found here, while information on items with available Styles May be found here.


Vintage Razor
Less damage, higher blast speed and force. 33% chance to damage an airblasted enemy.
Vintage Repulsion Mine
Smash Weapon
This mine will send players flying when stepped on. Use it to surprise enemies or to escape a tight spot.
Rare Vintage Balloon Animal
A clowns best friend. Effect: Blizzard  

This subquality was applied to every Hat, Body Attachment, Aura, Flamethrower, and Mine that existed before the June 8th 2012 update.