How to buy gold bars

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1. You need to navigate to the Moronyard homepage and press 'Donate' which can be found in the top right corner.

2. You should read all the details on this page before scrolling down the page and clicking 'Donate to MoronYard'.

3. On this page, you should make sure your details are correct at the top of the page. Once you have made sure they are, you should move on to selecting exactly what you want to purchase. If you purchase any gold bars then they will cost you $5 each - Gold and Diamond packages include Gold bars.

4. After you have selected what you would like to buy, you should move on to the checkout by clicking the new "Donate to MoronYard" button.

5. After the payment has been processed, your VIP status will be added to your account and any gold bars will be added to your item queue. This means you will recieve them when you join the server.

Note: If you enter the wrong details for your account when purchasing VIP or Gold Bars then you should contact nonSENSE as soon as possible via the forum!

You can find out more information about Gold Bars by clicking here.