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Flamethrowers are a Moronyard "weapon and tool" used to play the Dodgeball gamemode. They are the Team Fortress 2 Flamethrowers resized for Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source player models. The blaster is the pyro's stock flamethrower, and the razor is the backburner


The stock flamethrower for use in Dodgeball.
Less damage, higher blast speed and force. 33% chance to damage an airblasted enemy.
Blaster Razor


Words before the Blaster/Razor title, meaning the weapon is different from the stock blaster/razor in some way. Blasters can have both suffixes and prefixes, for a total of 2 additional affects. Also, it is possible for one or both attributes to be negative. Prefixes and suffixes have 2-4 levels of titles per effect, which range from 1 to 5 points of effect at lowest level, to 6 to 10 at second effect level, 11 to 15 for third, and 16 to 20 for maximum effect. This means either that numbers worth of percent in the effect or time (in seconds) in which the effect lasts (stun is divided by ten, or 1 decimal place smaller) Listed below are observed titles and may not be complete yet. Prefix's and suffix's can be shared between Blasters and Razor's

Known prefixes:

  • Boosting: Gain Health on hitting an enemy with a reflected rocket (ex: +2 Life on hit)
  • Healing: Same as boosting, but to a higher degree (ex: +6 Life on hit)
  • Reviving: Same as Healing and Boosting, but the highest possible form (ex: +12 Life on hit)
  • Sharp: Additional percentage of damage dealt upon hitting an enemy with a rocket (ex: +3% Damage)
  • Brutal: Same as sharp, but to a higher degree (ex: +7% Damage)
  • Deadly: Same as Sharp and brutal, but further damage (ex: +11 damage)
  • Cruel: Final level of the sharp effect type, does the most damage (ex: +19% damage)
  • Crude: Opposite of Sharp, less damage per hit (ex: -1% Damage)
  • Broken: Same as Crude, but worse effect (ex: -9% Damage)
  • Terrible: Like Crude and Broken, but the worst possible form (ex: -11% damage)
  • Swift: Airblasts at a faster pace (ex: +2% Blast Speed)
  • Quick: Second level of swift, offering improved speed over it, and is the fastest possible prefix (ex: +10% Blast Speed)
  • Slow: The opposite of swift, longer time between blasts (ex: -3% Blast Speed)
  • Sluggish: The same as slow, but a worse form, the slowest a blaster can get (ex: -7% Blast Speed)


Titles that follow the word Blaster that have additional affects. Blasters can have both suffixes and prefixes, for a total of 2 additional affects. Also, it is possible for one or both attributes to be negative.

Known Suffixes:

  • "Of Protection": Reduces damaged received from incoming rockets (ex: Damage taken reduced by 2%)
  • "Of the Tower": Like protection, Reduces damage received from a rocket hit, but to a greater effect (ex: Damage taken reduced by 8%)
  • "Of the Castle: level 3 effect of protection, offering the highest form of damage reduction (ex: Damage taken reduced by 13%)
  • "Of the Wolf": Increases maximum health the player can have (ex: +3 Maximum Health)
  • "Of the Tiger": Increases maximum health like Wolf does, but an increased amount (ex: +8 Maximum Health)
  • "Of the Mammoth" Increases maximum health, better then both Tiger and Wolf (ex: +13 Maximum Health)
  • "Of the Whale": Fourth level of Maximum health increase (ex: +16 Maximum Health)
  • "Of the Ant": opposite of the "of the wolf" effect series, this lowers maximum health (ex: -1 Maximum Health)
  • "Of the Roach": Like ant, this lowers health, but is even more negative (ex: -7 Maximum Health)
  • "Of the Spider": Third level of the ant effect series, even worse then roach (ex: -15 Maximum Health)
  • "Of the Fly": It's the worst possible penalty to find on a blaster (ex: - 18 Maximum Health)
  • "Of Venom": Poisons Someone hit with a reflected rocket for a short time (ex: Poisons target for 3 seconds)
  • "Of Pestilence": Like venom, but the poison lasts longer (ex: Poisons Target for 7 seconds)
  • "Of Anthrax": Highest form of poison damage possible, lasting the longest (ex: Poisons Target for 11 Seconds)
  • "Of Devastation": Person struck by a reflected rocket by this Blaster will be stunned for a brief period of time (ex: Chance to stun for 0.4 seconds)
  • "Of Bane": Same as Devastation, except for a longer time (ex: Chance to stun for 0.8 seconds)
  • "Of Ruin": Same as Devastation and Bane, but for even longer, the longest possible form (ex: Chance to stun for 1.4 seconds)