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Climb is one of the newer gamemodes run by MoronYard. It is a server where players can test out and show off their parkour and bunny hopping skills. The server cycles between different maps every 1:30:00 and every map can be rtv'd (You can only RTV after 10 minutes have passed). Most maps are very large and can take a long time to complete.

How to play

The finish NPC

The objective of the game is to get to the end of the map by facing tricky obstacles and a time limit. Once you are finished, you will receive cash and an item reward.


The rewards on Climb vary a lot and are based on many different factors including saves, map difficulty, and limiters.

Cash Reward

The cash reward you get from completing a map is based upon the limiters used, the amount of saves used, and how difficult the map is. Also, equipment worn with +/- % extra cash earned will affect the final cash reward.

Item Reward

Whenever a climb map is completed, an item is earned along with the cash. There is a set loot pool that you will receive an item from at random. Some of those items you can get are Robo Keys, Scrolls, Gems, Keys, Blank Paint Cans, Golden Casks, Scrap Metal, Dust, and if you are lucky Magic Dust.

Reward modifiers


There are many limiters available that make beating a map more difficult, but increase your reward at the end.

The limiter shop

On The Move

Continuous health reduction while standing still (will kill you)

+4% increased reward


Enables map and fall damage

+4% increased reward

Withdrawal [Requires:Mortal]

Taking damage blinds you

+5% increased reward

Flimsy [Requires:Mortal]

Reduces your health by 50%

+5% increased reward

Heavy Loads

Loading a save uses up 5% health

+6% increased reward

Risky Saves

Saving uses up 5% health

+6% increased reward


Blurry and staggering view

+15% increased reward


The checkpoint menu

You will earn a lot more money by "nosaving" this means beating the map without saving once, this is of course much harder since if you fall you might have to start all over again, however there are maps in which you can fall without having to redo a big part. Your reward gets decreased every time you save, but it will not change when loading a save. Not saving is faster and more rewarding, but be careful because you might have to start all over again!


You can earn awards by playing climb!

Novice climber

Complete every map once.

Master climber

Complete every map 50 times.

Adamant climber

Complete 1000 climbs.

Strong-willed climber

Complete any map with 7 different limiters on.

Expert climber

Complete every map 10 times.

Specialized climber

Complete any map 150 times.

Risky climber

Complete any map without saving.