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Money can be used to buy items in the shop (/shop) and can also be traded to other players in exchange for items. You can gain money by achieving certain things on the servers.

How to earn money

There are a number of methods which you can use to make money, these are:

1) On Slope server, you earn money by achieving a high distance before you die. To receive the highest amount you must be able to reach the top. On some maps such as Combine, you receive monetary rewards for reaching fixed distances as well as a final sum when you die / complete the map.

2) On Smash server, the only way you are able to receive money is be being the last man standing. The amount of money rewarded on Smash varies a lot, and goes up depending on how many people are playing.

3) On the Dodge ball server, you can receive money by killing players on the opposite team, and also by being on the winning team.

4) Completing levels on Puzzles.

5) Getting cash drops from Sanctuary.

6) Winning in Build to the Top.

7) Completing maps on Climb.

8) Completing Quests in Lobby

9) Winning rounds in Murder, and from collecting Clues.

10) Trading.

How to trade money

To trade money, open the shop menu (by typing "/shop") and go to the "Special" tab. There, you will find money bags of varying values. These are tradeable entities, and buying them will remove their worth from your cash and put the same value of money bag into your inventory. You can then trade this money bag. You can mix and match different values of money bag to create different amounts. For example, say you wanted to give someone 320k; You could buy a 200k money bag, a 100k money bag, and two 10k money bags.

Alternatively, if you are being given money bags and want to move them from your inventory to your cash, go into your inventory (by typing "/inventory"), click the money bag symbol on the top row and click the money bag that you want to turn into cash. Click the "3 Actions" button and select "Redeem". The money bag will be removed from your inventory and will be turned into cash.


- Certain items are able to give you extra money when you earn it.