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The stock flamethrower for use in Dodgeball.
Item Stats
Type Flamethrower
Description The stock flamethrower for use in Dodgeball.
Quality Common
Cost N/A
Craftable Yes
Rare counterpart No
Drop chance 1:20
Loot table 3
Item Code blaster

The Blaster is the default Flamethrower for the dodgeball gamemode. Its shrunk slightly from the tf2 version to match the normal player models. In first person, gordon freeman's hands are seen holding it, ignoring the player model. Using the secondary fire button, the player (invisibly) reflects any nearby rockets, changing the team their are chasing to the opposite one. It can also airblast players, pushing them, preferably to their environmental death. However, players generally only find this occurring on The dodgeball map Stadium where the sides are connected by thin logs. It is also possible on rooftops, but several jumps and avoiding a trap are necessary to get close enough.

It has a base damage of 42-54 damage and a airblast recharge time of .75s