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BTTT (Build to the Top) is an upcoming gamemode by Moronyard. The concept of BTTT is to build to the top of the map and be the first team to reach the last platform.

How to play

  • All players that join the game are split into 4 teams: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.
  • Each team works to build a staircase using the props you're given at the beginning of the round.
    • To build the staircase, press the USE key (E by default) to pick up and carry props and the freeze gun (not to be mistaken for the physgun) to put them in place.
  • The repair gun allows you to see the health of props and repair them if necessary.
  • Upon reaching another level, all team members have to stand on the designated area to spawn new props and proceed to the next level. This process repeats until a team reaches the third level (Ground level being 0).
  • Whichever team reaches the third level first wins the round.


  • The rewards for making it to the top first consist of gems, scrap metal, golden casks, open crate/chest scrolls and some cash.


Q: What if my teammates are uncooperative or afk?
A: If you have unfriendly and griefing team members, you can vote kick them from your team using the TAB key, which will open the scoreboard. By clicking their name, and selecting {BTTT, Vote Kick} you can initiate a vote to remove them from your team.

Q: Why are my props breaking?
A: All props have a predetermined amount of health. All props take damage when stepped on or fallen on. You can check the health of a prop by using the repair gun.

Q: How do I use my repair gun?
A: Use the MOUSE WHEEL to scroll through tools or press the 3 key to bring the gun out immediately.



Win a round without taking a single point of damage.

+25% Better Chance of Getting Rare Item
Item reward: Rare Recipe: Gem Upgrade
'Rocky' - Least Props

Win a round on Rocky with 35 props or less.

+2 Extra Items per Day
Item Reward: Treasure Box
'Combine' - Least Props

Win a round on Combine with 35 props or less.

+15% Chance to Pick a Lock
Item Reward: Treasure Box
Master Repairman

Repair 25000 points of damage dealt to props

+30 Maximum Health