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Author Topic: Let's all point and laugh at Willdy  (Read 415 times)


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« December 26, 2017, 02:00:17 AM » #14890
(Let's all point and laugh at Willdy for missing the update)

Hi everyone,

As you're well aware, we launched our Christmas update yesterday on Christmas day! Now I know that all of you will be in a position where you really want the super rare legendary items because 150% magic, rare, painted, broken, strange find and whatever else that awful fossil fuel can provide - And a lot of you will have time to play over the next 2 weeks due to not having school/work.

Now I'm not Santa Claus so I can't give you presents, my hat, my beard or even Coal but what I can give you is the satisfaction that you'll be getting items I'll probably not even come close too. Though I will be kicking off the competitions/lotteries very shortly so I guess that's something to look forward too?

Unfortunately for you guys, I'll be away for the next month with the lovely Javy, some of you may remember her as a MoronYard Admin from a number of years ago (2012 - 2013). After having met on Slope when MoronYard  first started in 2012, Javy and I have been in constant contact and meeting regularly (though living 4,000 miles apart can be a limiting factor) - so I'll see you guys in a month, as long as you're still here <3

I'll still be able to check the forums and Discord so please shout if you need me.

Peace guys - I hope you all have a happy new year :)

Edit (2:11am): This just happened: https://i.imgur.com/dgMtOiS.png - Santa is real and he's called UnknownX.

Edit (2:18am): Okay - I can confirm that making a thread like this helps boost your luck: https://i.imgur.com/LtoFcUK.png (ty again UnknownX)

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