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April 18, 2018, 09:37:02 PM by UnknownX
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Rebalancing Update

To celebrate the ending of the Christmas Event (and I guess Climb's return), a very special update has been prepared! A lot of features have been expanded and additional changes have been made to compliment them.

  • Added a new attribute tier to all attributes
    • Some stats have received a slight rebalance
    • Most stats will appear slightly more often now
  • Broken items have been rebalanced
    • Stats become better at higher repair difficulties
    • Broken chance noticeably increases the repair difficulty
    • The repair scroll has been nerfed
    • A lot of crafting hammers, blueprints, and scrap will be needed!
  • All of series 1 relics (except Coral) have been upgraded
    • A scroll has been added to the Special section of the Shop
    • Old versions of relics can still drop, but are no longer available from Relic Chests
    • Special thanks to Meh Lazor for helping with this
  • Items can now be unsocketed
    • Two new scrolls are available for this purpose
    • Socketed items before the update cannot be unsocketed, sorry
    • Socketed gems can be checked through the actions menu
  • The gem treasury and the treasure box have been upgraded
    • Gem treasury has a chance for better gems
    • Each treasure box has a chance to give a higher tier treasure box
  • Items now show new information in their descriptions
    • Attribute power (100 power = 1 max stat)
    • Number of socketed gems
    • If a relic can be upgraded
    • Repair difficulty
  • Added 3 new tiers of all normal gems (not ancient ones)
  • Magic dust can now be separated back into dust
  • Rebalanced scroll costs
  • Some recipes have been rebalanced
    • Dust only costs 1m to make now
    • Repair materials cost less to make now
    • Rerolling items has been buffed
  • Crafting should no longer send to queue unless it produces more items than it used
  • Adjusted some actions and consolidated the actions menu
  • A lot of code was rewritten (because I know everyone wanted to know this)
  • Fixed bugs
December 25, 2017, 09:00:03 PM by UnknownX
Views: 459 | Comments: 1

Christmas Event 2017

To celebrate the holidays, MoronYard is having a Christmas event!

  • Activated Event Mode on our gameservers. 30% more cash will be given out!
  • For every 2 goldbars you purchase, you get 1 goldbar for free! (Buy 4 - get 6, buy 8 - get 12!). Note: You will not get 3 goldbars from the Diamond VIP membership. Only gold bar purchases are affected.
  • Added the Christmas Present: There are 4 special event items to be obtained from this, hopefully you haven't been too naughty...
  • Gifts will spawn a lot more often (and require less people)! Collect them or use keys and lockpicks and someone might just find something...
  • IPD has been increased by 4 for the event!
  • Additionally, wearing the event items might just give you a use for being naughty...
  • Remember, Christmas is about giving! (or trading)

The exact details of this event will be left up to the community to figure out. The event will run at least until January 5th.

Additionally, here is the changelog
Code: [Select]
+ Christmas Event!
 + There are only 2 legendaries, and 1 tag to obtain with this event, but you will need to work together to obtain them (it's not going to be easy)
+ Slope changes (thank Jaythorpe for the maps!)
 + Speed protection has been added
 + Aztec has been fixed
 + Plinko has been added
 - Reverse no longer flashes
 - Rewards have been nerfed when below 6 people
 - High scores will be reset at a later date
+ Loadouts (thanks wew)
 + Store home page has been updated to accommodate loadouts (you can right click individual ones to change some options)
+ Several bug fixes

November 01, 2017, 04:20:09 PM by nonSENSE
Views: 1494 | Comments: 26

It has been over a year since the servers officially shut down, and I have received dozens of questions about the future of the community, requests to re-open the servers and offers from people who were interested in taking over / buying the community.

I wanna take the time to answer a few of these questions and give an outlook of what the future might hold for MY.

Why did the servers have to shut down?

A few reasons:

  • Donations were dipping to a point where I had to pay for almost 80% of the server costs out of my own pocket in the months prior to the shutdown.
  • Lack of motivation to develop new features and provide new content on my end saw the number of updates and events fall to an all-time low.

How much were the server costs?

At the peak of activity in the community, we ran 15 servers on a single dedicated host, which maxed out resources on said machine. Here's a short breakdown of what the monthly server costs were

  • Dedicated host: 250
  • Windows license: 15
  • Database + Web server: 60
  • Various licenses + software: 20
  • Additional traffic on gameserver: 10-20

This leaves us at roughly 350 / month to run all of the servers.

Why didn't you just keep a single server running?

The aforementioned sum sadly does not scale down very well to a single server. While we can run 15 servers for 350, running server costs more than 350 / 15 = 23.3. In fact, this is a breakdown of what it would cost to run 1 server:

  • Dual core / 2 GB /SSD - Virtual Machine, serving 20 players: 15
  • Database + Web server: 60 (could potentially be scaled down to 30)
  • Various licenses + software: 20

The components which are essential and can cover up to 15-20 servers (DB) will likely stay the same, which brings the cost of a single server to around 65- 80. From there, adding another server only costs 15, and it scales upwards.

What does this mean for MoronYard?

Donations for Garry's Mod communities are usually a hard thing to come by, and we have been very blessed to have such a loyal and generous core of active players in our community, which kept the community up and running for many years.

In order to commemorate our Halloween Event tradition, I have decided to start up a Virtual Machine running an instance of Smash. The server will remain online for at least this week.

You can find the server at the following IP:

I am currently evaluating if we can get the community going again. In order for that to happen, we need to have active players, donations and motivation on my end.

Please let me know in here, or in the steam group if you want the community to come back or if you are willing to support us.

Thanks, and happy Halloween everyone!

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