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April 27, 2015, 07:16:23 PM by Stebbzor
Views: 215 | Comments: 5


The jukebox has been finished, you can access it by typing /music or /dj or through the Quick action bar.

MoronYard Climb
MoronYard now has a Climb server.

It can be joined at

April 05, 2015, 05:51:49 PM by nonSENSE
Views: 256 | Comments: 3

MoronYard Easter Event 2015

MoronYard is back with its official Easter Event and as usual, the focus is on painted hats. However, we have come to realize that most players would rather wear their carefully crafted magic items or powerful relics instead of aestheticially hats and body attachments. Well, with the introduction of outfits now you will no longer have to choose! Wear your powerful items AND your painted / rare items!

  • Added outfits: Items worn in an outfit slot will not have their attributes counted and will override the displayed model / entity of normal items. You can wear items as outfits over your regular item so you can still benefit from their stats!
    • Outfits are available automatically to Diamond Members or higher!
  • Revamped the paint system to include TF2 style paints (Thanks to UnknownX for the hard work!)
  • Added Legendary Colorful Chests containing new painted hats and attachments, as well as new exclusive and rare paintcans.
    • The chest can be acquired in the token shop, as well as in the form of bundles (8 x chests / 8 x keys OR 20 x chests / 0 x keys)
    • The chest will disappear after the Easter Event on April 19th!
  • Added the Series 3 Relic Chest
    • The chest contains items that are mainly targeted for use in Sanctuary (+Maximum Health, +Damage Converted to Life, +Resistances, ...)
    • The chest can be purchased in the premium shop!
  • Reworked the paint remover item to grant the user the removed paint as a paint can.
  • Added 3 new hats and 3 new attachments
  • Improved bundle of beginner items and sanctuary starter weapons
  • Added the emote menu to the chatbox (as well as a /emotes command)

There have also been countless changes to the inventory in the past few weeks, including but not limited to:
  • A bigger inventory (4 rows x 7 columns)
  • A search mask, allowing you to look for specific items in your inventory
  • A bigger crafting screen
  • Most menus are now fully draggable
  • An action allowing you to view available paints on an item.
  • More noticeable sockets on items.
  • Detailed DPS indicators for Sanctuary weapons

Sanctuary is coming along nicely in the public beta, running a total of 5 servers (2 of which are dedicated to the 2nd difficulty level 'Challenge mode'). If you have not tried Sanctuary yet and wish to do so, head over to the lobby!

March 09, 2015, 01:01:24 AM by nonSENSE
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We're glad to announce the addition of 10 new runewords for Sanctuary weapons (and 2 existing runewords have been rebalanced).

Melee Weapons
  • Downfall:    Yor - Fa
  • Strength:    Fa - Bol
  • Toxin:         Lam - Haa
  • Diligence:   Bol - Xer    (Wrench only!)
  • Steel:          Xer - Bol - Haa
  • Brawn:        Haa - Fa - Xer

  • Chill:          Yor - Ie
  • Purity:        Ti - Lam - Yor

SMGs & Rifles
  • Smoke:       Ti - Xer
  • Honor:        Bol - Haa - Fa - Ti

  • Glory:         Ie - Fa
  • Blight:        Ie - Bol - Haa - Lam

Here are some tips on creating runewords:
  • Runewords can only be created in pure weapons.
  • A runeword with 2 runes can only created in a weapon with exactly 2 sockets. (3 runes / 3 sockets, 4 runes / 4 sockets).
  • The runes need to be crafted with the item in the exact order they are listed (Yor - Ie, not Ie - Yor)

To those who have not tried Sanctuary and wish to do so, connect to our Lobby server and follow the teleporter to the Sanctuary room.

Lobby IP:

A more elaborate post on the progress and future of Sanctuary will be posted tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the servers.

Have fun!
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